Basic Rules for Wind Turbine Installation

Energy potential is suitable if the prevailing wind influences tree growth  (angled growth instead of vertical growth) and wind is a constant nuisance

Start-up wind speed is 7mph (2,7 m/s). Peak turbine performance is 13.5 m/s.  Average best sites in Jamaica is 7-8 m/s.  Jamaica produces at 50% less due to low wind speeds

As wind energy is not consistent as solar, it is best to incorporate wind into a hybrid system with solar

The turbine is to be placed higher than all obstructions within 500 feet

Tower height is critical. A higher tower provides greater and more consistent energy production whilst turbulence is reduced with increased height.  Sudden shifts in wind direction causes vibrations, stress and reduces energy output

Marine turbines must be used within 10 miles of the ocean

For larger units, the tower structure can cost more than the turbine itself